Men’s grooming

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Men's grooming

Our stylists give you the best cut to suit your mood, desire or occasion. We assist you to make the best choice of cut. We use the appropriate tools and products to ensure a smooth look. We do haircuts for both male and female. Men all around the world are paying attention to their looks, at Kenzo’s place we provide signature cuts which are clean and precise. Ladies who desire to have the big chop, we have the best style to suit your face; from pixie cuts to bobs and fringes or layers.

Men's grooming services

Adult Hair Cut
Kid Hair Cut (Under 12years)
Bald Hair Cut
Fade Hair Cut
Branded Hair Cut (L)
Branded Hair cut (M)
Branded Hair Cut (H)

Military Hair Cut
Razor Shaving with soap
Razor Shaving with oil
Razor Shaving with creme
Clipper shaving
Clipper Shape – up
Hot Towel Shave with oil

Hot Towel Shave with soap
Hot Towel Shave with creme
Sporting Waves
Beard Dye
Hair Dye (M)
Hair Dye (H)